Enterprise File Fabric™ for Service Providers and OEM Integration

Storage Made Easy® Features:

Collaboration and Sharing

  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration

    Storage Made Easy can integrate with Active Directory and also LDAP for secure user Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Secure File Sharing & Collaboration features

    Storage Made Easy provides advanced file sharing features which include time expiry, download limits, and password protection.

  • Team Folders / Access control and versioning

    Sophisticated access control and versioning is built in.

  • Group Workspaces (Data Room)

    Each user has the ability create a Group workspace in which users can be invited to share content. Each member can, if required, be given permission to share content.

    Team accounts can use shared folders with full ACL permissions that can be set by an administrator.

  • Document Editing / PDF Annotation

    The Storage Made Easy solution can be integrated with best of breed web office editors for collaborative editing and also provides a full collaborative PDF annotation suite.

  • Data Workflow rules

    Rules can be set on data so that users get emailed if new files are uploaded to a specific folder, or file versions changes. Users can filter on certain types of file extensions or set all file extensions.

  • Storage Support

  • Cloud Storage Solution Support

    SME works with what is already in use so if you are using solutions such Office 35, DropBox, Box, Google Apps or Drive SME can connect to them, make them more secure, and expand their feature sets.

  • Object Storage Support

    SME supports almost all of the major Object Storage solutions including OpenStack, SwiftStack, Scality, CleverSafe, Cloudian, ActiveScale, Caringo Swarm, EMC Atmos, Amazon S3, Azure and all other S3 or or OpenStack compatible solutions.

  • On-Premises Storage Support

    SME supports CIFS and NDS shares as well as other common on-site protocol and Apps such as WebDav, FTP, SharePoint and Alfresco.


  • Full White Label / OEM

    The SME solution can be fully branded, from the web right through to the desktop and mobile Apps. Perfect for retaining a strong sense of corporate identity or for white label or OEM.

File Management

  • Intuitive File Manager Interface

    SME provides an interface that users are already used too, namely a windows file manager style management directly from within the browser.

    File access is native from mobile apps and desktop OS Apps with additional native cloud drive's for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • File Encryption

    All files can be made secure using encryption, even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption. Sensitive information stored in local storage or remote clouds can be securely encrypted.

  • Audit, Governance & BYOD

    The Appliance has built in support for file event auditing, Governance and Bring Your Own Device Management out of the box.

Backup and File Access

  • Advanced File Safe features

    Users can choose to have data stored in a nominated Primary Cloud and have it automatically backed up to a Backup Cloud to ensure the data is always available when needed. If the Primary Cloud is down Storage Made Easy will get the data from the backup.

  • Email Backup

    Part of the service includes email backup that is easy to use and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. The emails are sorted by date and month and stored as files that can be searched and accessed from online or native client tooling.

  • FTP/ WebDav / SFTP / S3 API Gateway

    The solution comes with a sophisticated protocol gateway that exposes access to files from common protocols irrespective of whether these are supported on the back end storage or not.