The Enterprise File Fabric™ — The Killer Solution for Object Storage !

SME Cloud Computing for Service Providers and OEM customers

Empower End Users to use Object Storage


  • Vendor Neutral

    SME is completely vendor neutral and supports all of the major Object Storage vendors.

  • Private drop box using Object Storage

    Built for teams, Active Directory and LDAP Single Sign On Support, built to support hundreds of thousands of users, global node distribution, with an emphasis on privacy and data governance. Data and metadata can be stored and retained on an organization’s infrastructure.

  • File System interface on top of Object Storage

    Layers a traditional File System interface on top of Object Storage that end users are used to and productive with.

  • Promotes end user use

    Most end users won't use Object storage directly because interfaces are too primitive. SME promotes end user use of Object Storage by integrating directly into the users desktop, mobiles, and into common enterprise applications.

  • Walled Garden

    Keep control over data with policies and audit whilst giving end users the best in terms of data mobility – a good user experience in a walled garden that can be private, public or hybrid.

  • FTP / SFTP / WebDav Protocol Support

    Although Object Storage supports REST many enterprise Apps continue to support protocols such as FTP, SFTP or WebDav. The SME protocol Gateway adds support for these protocols above any object storage.

  • Streamed Data Encryption

    SME puts a special emphasis on security by stream encrypting data saved to Object Storage with keys controlled by end-user IT.

  • Full Collaboration Support

    The SME solution is integrated with best of breed web and desktop office editors for collaborative editing and also provides a full collaborative PDF annotation suite.

  • Full Content Search

    SME is provided integrated with Apache SOLR, a world class open source search engine. Full content search is integrated into the SME end user applications.


  • Reduced Complexity

    Simplified data scaling through a flat namespace. A simple REST based interface.

  • Highly Scalable with Low Cost

    Leverages low cost commodity hardware with software defined storage flexibility.

  • Secure Multi-Tenant Access

    Role based authentication with multi-tenant management and data access.

  • Emerging Workload Support

    Supports ever growing large unstructured data volumes which are growing 3 times faster than structured data in the enterprise.


    Not ready for the full end-to-end File Fabric ?

    SME dedicated Apps are discrete Apps that integrate directly into a users desktop.
  • Desktop Drives

    High performance desktop Drives available from Windows Explorer that work directly with Object Storage.

  • Object Storage Explorer

    Object Storage Explorer App to make it easy to upload, download, search and encrypt data for users.

  • S3 and OpenStack Support

    Supports S3 and OpenStack based Object Storage.

  • Multi-device support

    The dedicate Apps can be used on Desktop and Mobile platforms. They support both the Windows and Mac desktop operating systems, as well as Android an iOS mobile operating systems.