A single Pane of Glass
into all your data

Storage Made Easy can works with a single data store or multiple private / cloud data stores, providing a federated, unified, controlled view of all data that is auditable and searchable.

Strong Enterprise Features

The Storage Made Easy solution is multi-tenant. It can work with many different departments or companies and can be configured to be full highly available, either locally or regionally.

Active Directory / LDAP Identity Management solutions are fully supported for Single-Sign-On and SME provides a comprehensive graphical permissioning console.

SME works with all desktop Operating Systems (Win, Mac, Linux) and all mobile devices (iOS, Android, Win Phone, BlackBerry.

Company controlled encryption is provides to enable companies to encrypt data prior to it being stored on Cloud infrastructures.

The solution includes desktop Cloud Drives for all Operating Systems, desktop and device sync, plus integration with best of breed mail clients and MS office / Open Office.

Federated, Unified and Secure

Manage all private and public data and / or use with Object Storage Clouds

Security and Privacy

Deploy on Premise or IaaS in a hybrid or private cloud topology.

Provides user controlled encryption of data plus strong auditing, governance, and file sharing policy features.

Fully Brandable or White Label

If you are a company retain a strong brand identity by easily branding all aspects of the solution.

Full OEM / White Label available for ISV/ISP/MSP partners.

Supports 50+ Connectors

The solution works with over 50 private / public cloud connectors.

Connectors include CIFS, FTP, WebDav, SharePoint, S3, OpenStack, Office 365, CMIS, RackSpace, Box, DropBox + more.

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