Enforce GDPR across all data in your company

Information Governance and Cloud Control

GDPR Governance Features

  • Identity Management

    Identity Management is an important piece of the GDPR governance process. The File Fabric™ can integrate with Active Directory, LDAP and SAML for secure user Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Secure File Sharing & Collaboration features

    The File Fabric™ provides advanced secure file sharing features across ALL corporate data stores. These include time expiry, password protection, restricted download access, and promoting a named link sharing policy whereby users are required to outline why they created a share link.

  • Access control and versioning

    Post user authentication resource access is validated by the File Fabric™ in real- time and designed to scale globally.

  • Encrypt Files

    With the introduction of the GDPR, security measures such as encryption of data will become data protection standards which companies will be expected to utilise or face possible breach and fine consequences.

    The File Fabric™ provides FIPS-140 compliant encryption and can be configured to encrypt all data for all mapped on-premises or on-cloud data

  • GEO Locations restrictions

    Access to files and data can be restricted by GEO location or IP address as an extra means of protection.

  • Full File Event Auditing

    To satisfy the GDPR companies will need to track who had access to personal data, when, and why. The File Fabric™ implements full file event auditing enables companies to have complete time series audit logs for all file events

  • Discovery

    Personal data (PII) is defined very broadly under the GDPR as any data that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person. The challenge is how to find this data and how to continue find it and police it.

    The File Fabric™ is integrated with a best-of-breed open source content management search application called Apache SOLR. This enables the File Fabric™ to index content and make it available for search to authorised users.

  • Set Audit Watches on Files

    File Fabric™ administrators can set up an 'Audit Watch' on specific folders which enables them to be informed in real time of any activity on any file or combination of files to promote breach protection.

Document Security

  • Secure Documents

    The File Fabric™ is document-centric and is an enabler for companies to easily access, manage, share and control multi-cloud file access within and outside the company.

    The File Fabric™ adds an effective control point for multiple storage and data repositories repositories be they inside the corporate firewall or in the cloud.

GDPR Policies

  • Create enforceable Policies across ALL data stores

    Creating Policies is key mechanism in the enforcement of data processes and ultimately a key mechanism to achieve compliance of the GDPR.

    The File Fabric™ makes this easy with a comprehensive set of policies that span encryption to file sharing security and Governance.

On-Premises or On-Cloud Deployment

  • Deploy Anywhere

    The File Fabric™ can be deployed on-premises or on IAAS. The on-premises option enables companies to keep their governance and compliance hub behind the company firewall.

    Deploying on-premises also enables a hybrid option for content protections that is stored outside of the company.

    If companies are using Microsoft of Amazon IaaS extended infrastructures then the File Fabric can be easily be deployed on EC2 or Azure compute infrastructures.

Data Connectors

  • 50+ Data Connectors

    The Storage Made Easy File Fabric™ solution acts as a non-invasive proxy to data storage and applications that store data. It can be connected as required to content repositories such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Alfresco, Documentum, OpenText, SalesForce, Amazon S3, FTP, WebDav, CIFS etc. In all over 50 content connectors can be used.

    If a company requires connectors for Applications or storage points that are currently not supported then these can be easily fulfilled by professional services.